Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quick Pitches...

-Mark Buehrle had a pretty decent week. Perfect game, followed by six perfect innings last night against the Twins. Would have been better if he hadn't lost the Twins game.

-DeWayne Wise probably earned himself a nice, nice watch from one M. Buehrle. What a catch.

-Randy Johnson going on the 60-day DL is a blow to the Giants, but I have a sneaking suspicion that pitching won't be their problem. Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain, combined with a rejuvenated Barry Zito and the no-hit kid Jonathan Sanchez give the Giants a formidable rotation, but it's the offense that could keep them out of the postseason. Picking up Ryan Garko helps, but he's not a difference maker. I'd expect the Giants to go after another bat (Dan Uggla?) before the deadline.

-The Pirates traded Adam LaRoche to the Red Sox last week in a continuing effort to kill baseball in Pittsburgh. The linked article states that Pittsburgh has traded five position players since last July. Why do they even bother fielding a team? I'll step out and predict they trade Freddie Sanchez by the deadline too.

-Speaking of Tim Lincecum and the Pirates, how bout him striking out 15 in his start against the Buccos on Monday night? Yes, the Pirates stink, but 15 strikeouts is 15 strikeouts. He does need to trim that hair a little bit though. Must see matchup this Saturday as 'The Freak' pitches against the mighty Phillies lineup, with Howard, Utley, Rollins and the rest. The home park is obviously friendly to pitchers against a home run hitting lineup like the Phils have, but it should be an interesting clash of a great pitcher and a great offense regardless.

-Wait, Pittsburgh just traded Jack Wilson and Ian Snell to the Mariners. What a disgrace. I don't even care about the Pirates, but it makes me mad to see a team not even try.

-Alfonso Soriano looked like a clown on his trip around the bases following a 13th-inning game-winning grand slam Monday night. Besides 72 gesticulations, the trot took an hour and a half. Slight hyperbole on both counts. But only slight.

-For all you trade deadline people that aren't as in tune as you think you are, let's practice this... Matt HOLL-IDAY (said like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving) is a right-handed hitting leftfielder who was with the A's and just got traded to the Cardinals... Roy H-AL-LA-DAY (said with 'Al' after the 'h' sound) is a righthanded starting pitcher for the Blue Jays. Ok, now that that's settled.

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