Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A.L. East Returns to Normalcy

After showing promise during the season's first six weeks, the Toronto Blue Jays finished off the worst road trip in franchise history with a 12-10 loss this afternoon in Baltimore. That would be an 0-9 road trip, for those of you keeping track at home. Today's game featured the Jays' bullpen blowing two separate two-run leads.

There are elements of the Blue Jays that are likable, even exciting. Marco Scutaro is having a great early part of the season, and the team's success has highlighted the abilities of Alex Rios and Vernon Wells, both of whom have long flown under the radar. Ace pitcher Roy Halladay is a man's man among aces, and it is bordeline criminal that a two-time World Series champion manager like Cito Gaston had to wait so long between managerial stints.

Having said all of that, Toronto has enough to be frisky, but not to remain a legitimate contender in the AL East over the long haul. The lineup depends too much on guys like Kevin Millar and Scott Rolen, who just aren't as good with the stick as they once were, and obviously, today's game in Baltimore highlights their bullpen deficiencies.

With Tampa Bay experiencing a bit of a World Series hangover, the division seems destined to come down to the usual suspects once again, with Boston weathering Big Papi's horrendous season and the Yankees hitting stride as the weather starts getting warmer.

However, there is good news, Blue Jays fans. You're finally off the road and back in the friendly confines of SkyDome, Rogers Center, whatever the name is now. But there's bad news too... the Red Sox will be waiting there for you.

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