Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jerry Crasnick

I like Jerry Crasnick. For those unfamiliar, he's a baseball writer for, and generally exhibits that he's well connected and knows his stuff. He wrote two pieces over the past few days that are worth reading.

The first, the weekly edition of his Starting 9 Column, examines players who are at the 'put up or shut up' portion of their careers as the 2009 season ends and we look toward next season a little bit. Off the top of my head, I would add Jose Reyes, Joba Chamberlain and Dan Uggla to Crasnick's list.

The second recent article from Crasnick is about Phillies rightfielder Jayson Werth. It's easy for Werth to get lost on the national landscape because of how many stars he plays with, but at 30, Werth has earned his keep as a key player on a very good team. One of the more intersting aspects of the story to me is the role the fans seemed to have played in the playoffs last season.

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