Thursday, September 17, 2009


- Really? The Mets are second in the National League in batting average in 2009. SECOND, with an average of .270. Of course, they hit a home run every three weeks, so it takes too many hits for them to sustain offense, and that's not going to work with the guys they have playing.

- Really? Pedro Martinez is second in the NL in opponent swing and misses in the month of September.

- Really? Charlie Manuel is letting his starters throw a lot of pitches lately. Why? My guess is that he's got two reasons 1) the bullpen is hurt and ineffective right now and 2) because of number one, Charlie is trying to stretch his starters out and get them used to throwing deep into games for the playoffs. Because, Really? who would you rather have in the ninth inning of a playoff game, tired Cliff Lee or fresh Brett Myers/Brad Lidge/ Ryan Madson?

- Really? Boston and the Angels matched up in a crazy game at Fenway last night, including a ninth-inning, two-out at bat by Nick Green that appeared to feature him strike out twice. Ball four to Green especially appeared to be strike three. But the Sawx are hot, and are taking a stranglehold on the AL Wild Card, up 6.5 games on Texas with only two and a half weeks to play.

- Really? Aaron Crow may want to play pro ball after all. Bout time.

- Really? Jorge Posada decides its a good idea to throw an elbow on his way by a pitcher after scoring a run? The pitcher, Jesse Carlson, was MAD, as he should have been. That's a weasel move by a guy who knows better. Two Blue Jays got hit by Yankee pitchers, and to stand up for his teammates, Carlson threw behind Posada, but did not hit him (Posada eventually walked). Look, genius, two of their guys got hit... you didn't. You got thrown behind. Take your walk, go to first base and suck it up. And if you score a run, you don't act like a 'big man' and throw a 'bow at a pitcher who is listed at 6'1", 160 lbs, which means he probably weighs about 145. What a clown move. If Roy Halladay, who started the game for the Jays, threw behind you, you would've scampered to first base and cowered like an eight year old girl, because Doc would have beaten the crap out of you if you tried a stunt like that. Then, after the game, Posada was quoted as saying "I don't want my kids to see that... Fight in the middle of the field, benches clearing-- that's a bad example." Yeah, it is. And it's your fault.

- And that's how I really feel about that.

- Really? The 1962 Mets are generally considered (on merit) the worst team in baseball history. They finished with a record of 40-120. No kidding, you may say. But the Really? in this note is that those Mets were actually worse, as they had a stretch in May in which they won nine of 12. Without that, the Mets were 31-117, a .209 winning percentage.

- Finally, if you haven't seen it yet, a foul ball off the bat of Jayson Werth on Tuesday night produced this clip, a great slice of Americana.

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