Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The NL East on Tuesday Night

Some observations from the Blue Jays- Phillies game on Tuesday evening, which Toronto won 8-3 in 10 innings...

-The Blue Jays may have something with Ricky Romero. Good fastball, tough change and a big, breaking, 12-6 curveball. His stuff is especially tough on lefties, with Ryan Howard and Raul Ibanez looking like they had no clue against him. Easy to see why you'd like the guy.

-Philadelphia fans still haven't let it go with Scott Rolen. And I doubt they ever will.

-Aaron Hill loves to swing the bat. He looks almost Uggla-esque.

-Rod Barajas came up three times in the first nine innings with the bases loaded, and got no RBI out of those three trips. And he didn't strike out. Think about that.

-The Phillies bullpen looks exhausted. Extra-inning games, injuries, rain delays and good old-fashioned ineffectiveness from the starters have conspired to wear them out. Getting back a healthy Scott Eyre and Brad Lidge will go a long way towards restoring order in the Phils' pen.

-Ryan Madson blew the save last night. Madson has great stuff, even closer-like stuff, but as I wrote yesterday, he should not be the Phils closer once Lidge is healthy.

-From the Mets-Orioles game, after the last out was recorded for Francisco Rodriguez' 17th save, K-Rod calmly shook hands and high-fived teammates, sans his normal ridiculous gesticulations. Maybe Brian Bruney's comments got through to him. Doubt it, though.

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  1. AnonymousJune 18, 2009

    We still hate Michael Irving, Kobe, and anyone on the Devils too.