Monday, August 10, 2009

August 7th-9th

-The Yankees looked awfully impressive in a four-game sweep of the Red Sox over the weekend, their first four-game sweep of the Sawx in 24 years. The Bronx Bombers are in a pretty good spot right now, up 6.5 games in the AL East.

-The Red Sox need to get some things (read: starting pitching and shortstop) in order like yesterday. Tampa is breathing down their collective neck for the wild card. Cristian Guzman may be on the way to help.

-As much as you have to give the Marlins credit for sweeping the Phillies this weekend, the Phillies looked fairly uninterested and unfocused all weekend.

-At one point in Sunday's game, a graphic was shown that the Phils were 6 for their last 106 with runners in scoring position. That's a lusty .057.

-This week the Marlins got swept by the Nationals, and then swept the Phillies. Go figure.

-As far as I can tell, no one has ever seen a centerfielder get thrown out of the game by the home plate umpire. But Ed Rapuano threw out Shane Victorino late in yesterday's Phils- Marlins game from 300 feet away. That doesn't make Rapuano look like a preening schmoe or anything.

-The Phillies are 3-8 since acquiring Cliff Lee, with the three wins being Lee's two and J.A. Happ's complete game shutout.

-Sounds like a case of the 'we-got-Lee-and-we're-winning-the-division-by-27-games-itis' to me.

-BREAK UP THE NATS! Look at that, eight straight wins for the boys from D.C. Clearly they were all collectively worried about getting moved at the trade deadline, so now that that has passed, they're playing relaxed, free and easy. Or they're just playing well right now.

-The Nats are only 12.5 games behind the Mets for fourth in the NL East. Given the Mets recent late-season history... Nah... Could they?

-Someone (presumably the White Sox) put in a claim on Alex Rios. Don't ask me why. J.P. Riccarid should be jumping for joy right now. This is a great opportunity to say "here ya go" to whoever claimed him.

-Howard Bryant steps up huge again, by no surprise. He dissects the differences between the weekend apologies from David Ortiz and Josh Hamilton. Very interesting.

-Let's be clear here: Ortiz admitted nothing, and would not have addressed one thing if he had not been outed by the New York Times. Hamilton, immediately after the incident took place several months ago, confessed his misdeeds to his wife, his family, his organization and everyone else he needed to, and addressed it head on to the media when it became public knowledge.

-So I win on my prediction that Ortiz would trot out the "tainted supplements" excuse.

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