Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thoughts From Around The League

-The Padres released Mark Prior on Tuesday, apparently after deciding that he had not made enough progress to help them out this season. Has there ever been a more meteoric rise and fall than Prior's? Reading Buzz Bissinger's wonderful book Three Nights in August, you'd think Prior was Bob Gibson, Nolan Ryan and Greg Maddux all rolled into one. The book makes mention of what injuries can do to a promising pitching prospect, and Prior is no exception. Despite his self-described 'perfect mechanics' that would keep him from ever getting hurt, Prior hasn't thrown a big league pitch since August of '06 and has been allowed to walk by two franchises. His release caused barely a mention amidt the sea of MLB news on an average August day. Is this really the end of one of the most heralded pitching prospects ever? One who actually had some success in the majors? I believe it is.

-Can the injury situation get any worse for the Mets? Jon Niese tore his hamstring off the bone in the Mets' 9-0 win over St. Louis on Wednesday afternoon. That just sounds painful, nevermind what it must've felt like to Niese. Just another long-term injury to a long line in a dismal season for the Mets.

-Not to pile on, but here's the next reason why the Mets are the greatest. Luis Castillo sprained his ankle descending the dugout steps in Tuesday night's game against the Cardinals, and looks to be out for at least a few weeks. You never like to see anyone get hurt, but when it involves something like this and the Mets, you don't feel quite as bad about it.

-The other great thing about Tuesday's Mets-Cardinals game? K-Rod blowing a two-run save for Johan Santana, then the other jokers in that bullpen giving up five runs in the 10th inning, including a grand slam to Albert Pujols. Priceless.

-The Phillies cannot take J.A. Happ out of the rotation. Can't do it. I didn't think you could do it before last night, and after his second complete game shutout of the season, I really don't think you can do it now. What a contrast to how Jamie Moyer looked against the same lineup one night before.

-After allowing 10 earned runs in the month of July, Jorge De La Rosa allowed seven earned runs against the Phils last night. I predicted a somebody-got-to-pay game... that was close.

-Pedro Martinez struck out 11 in six innings in a AA rehab start on Wednesday night. He also made it clear he's getting antsy to get to the big club. My guess? Pedro makes his Phillies debut next week in Chicago.

-And that's why Jamie Moyer needs to leave the Phillies rotation. And because of his 5.55 ERA.

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