Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday in the Bigs

- Can Cliff Lee really be this good? After last night's complete game, two-hit, 11 strikeout performance, he is now 4-0 with a 0.82 ERA and two complete games in four starts with the Phillies. He's even 5-13 (.385) at the plate. The graph in the linked story shows the comparison of Cliff Lee's first four starts with Philadelphia this year and C.C. Sabathia's first four starts with the Brewers last year. Very interesting.

- Lee threw 106 pitches, 81 for strikes. Wow. Granted, it was against the same Diamonback lineup that I downplayed after Jamie Moyer's appearance on Tuesday, but there was an obvious difference in 'stuff' between Lee and Moyer.

- Arizona leftfielder Ryan Roberts, tattoos and all, may be a very nice guy, but he's been struggling in the outfield during the Phils series.

- Could Roy Halladay be pitching any better than Cliff Lee is right now? Doubtful. And Lee didn't cost the Phils any of their top prospects.

- Halladay has been less than stellar since the trade deadline, and got hit around a bit by the Red Sox last night.

- I bet you don't realize how good a season Shane Victorino is having. I don't, and I watch him everyday.

- Longtime Phillies writer Bill Conlin opines today that Victorino is the best centerfielder in Phillies history. I don't know if I agree just yet, but I know that if Bill Conlin says it, I'll at least have to consider it.

- The Mets have placed Billy Wagner on waivers in an attempt to move him. Apparently he's looked great in rehab outings, but he's 38, coming off of Tommy John surgery, and expensive. Someone will take him, I'd guess, but only if the Mets eat alot of money.

- The Angels may be the best team in the AL, but I don't trust any team that's most important offensive player is Bobby Abreu.

- The Yankees might have something to say about the claim that the Angels are the AL's best.

- Maybe Brett Myers did injure his face in a fight after all.

- The Sawx and Rangers are on the sea-saw now for the wild card lead. Can the Rangers really hang in and take it after so many late season disappearing acts? Mike Maddux is not getting nearly enough credit for the work he's done with that pitching staff.

- Don't look now, but the Rockies are now only 3.5 games behind the Dodgers in the NL West.

- Reid Gorecki is 'Moonlight' no more. He flew out on the first pitch in his first big league at-bat, and then got a single and an RBI in his second trip to the plate in the Braves 15-2 win over the Mets on Wednesday night in Queens.

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