Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pedro to Start; Moyer to Sulk

I'm not going to lie... I'm pretty excited about the first start of Pedro Martinez' Phillies career this evening. He may not have thrown a major league pitch in 11 months, but I think he can help the Phils out. Barring injuries, he's not going to start in the playoffs, but that's not a bad card to be able to deal out of your bullpen. My guess on Pedro's line tonight? 5.1 innings, 6 hits 3 runs, a walk and five strikeouts. Whether or not that's good enough enough to win is probably dependent upon the dormant Phillies offense getting back on track.

To make room for Martinez, senior statesman Jamie Moyer was moved to the bullpen. Moyer has gained immense popularity in Philadelphia as a local boy who done good, and a model of class and professionalism. Which is why it was such a shock when he openly expressed his dismay about being demoted to the bullpen.

You've got to be kidding me. Jamie Moyer's whining now? And what's he whining about? He stinks. Yes, he's got 10 wins, but he's averaging over seven runs a game in support in those wins. He's got an ERA of 5.47 and has allowed 148 hits in 123.1 innings. His WHIP is over 1.5. Shut up. And then to claim that he was 'misled' or that he was promised a spot... are you serious? You've been around the show for 22 years. There's no such thing- in any sport- of being guaranteed a particular spot if you're not performing. You don't want to get moved? Pitch like J.A. Happ or Cliff Lee have recently. I'm really annoyed by this.

Funny enough, you don't have to look too far to find how one should handle himself in a spot like this. One needs to look only around the clubhouse and follow the example of... Brett Myers?!?!? Brett Myers who was arrested for hitting his wife on the streets of Boston? Brett Myers who once responded to a question from Philadelphia Inquirer writer Sam Carchidi by calling him a 'retard' (coarse language in the link)?

Yes, that Brett Myers. Amidst a terrible first half of the 2008 season, the (at the time) 27-year old, sixth-year player was demoted to AAA Lehigh Valley. And what did he do? Did he punch Charlie Manuel? Did he call GM Pat Gillick nasty names? No. He stood up like a man, acknowledged he wasn't getting the job done and wasn't helping the team, and took his assignment to AAA, where he worked out a few kinks, returned to Philadelphia and won two of his three playoff starts in helping the Phils win the World Series.

Myers started opening day for the Phils in 2008, yet by July was sufficiently humbled enough by his performance to take a demotion in stride.

Myers' ERA the day he was sent down (July 1st) was 5.84. Jamie Moyer's ERA today (August 12th) is 5.47. Myers went at getting better like a champ, while Moyer wants to gripe.

Perhaps Moyer could learn a thing or two from a boisterous character 20 years his junior about how to handle disappointment in a professional manner.

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